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    Christine Scibelli
    August 21, 2019

    Along with Photography, they offer all levels of Video production. I couldn’t believe the quality of their end product, or the equipment used to shoot it. The final scene was a Up and Away with a Drone, it was incredible to capture a family function like this. I later hired Michael, to shoot my Bully, he was amazing. 1st she would stop mailing him trying to play, but he actually shot while wrestling my dog. The final shots are on my wall. I priced out several services, for what ‘he, or They,( mikes the owner), charges, I got What I think is a priceless work effort. He asked me to add a review if I felt like it, I am doing this for others. It’s incredible the difference in professional / hobbyist photographers, / filmmakers because I interviewed 2 others, who couldn’t have been 25-30, claiming (& seemingly having the work to back it up), to be great. Mike’s a Social Media Infuencer, idk exactly what that is, but I think sites like Instagram feel he’s what to watch out for. Pretty different than others. 5Stars all the way. Service, professionalism, price. Speed!

    TheReal Coppercab
    February 03, 2023

    Worst service I've ever dealt with in my entire life

    Pee Wee
    February 04, 2023

    This business is a scam and the business owner is a known grifter and con-artist. His only good review was left by his wife pretending to be a satisfied customer.

    Frank DaTank
    February 03, 2023

    This conmans business is a total scam. Do not do business with this man! He is a liar and a fraud. YA DONE HACKING!

    Steve's Kickin' Records
    February 04, 2023

    Michael made claims he had worked with Cadillac and major media companies on commercial work. This was clearly untrue and we couldn't even consider moving forward on a project. Michael would often rant and send long paragraphs on emails about irrelevant subjects. We had to appoint a more professional organisation

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